What we do

Nearly 25 years journey of work with kindergartens, primary schools, vocational training of women, primary health service, anti HIV/AIDs activities as well as prevention of harmful traditional practices has shown that NLC’s interventions have been a fantastic experience. When the children attend school and their mothers are economically empowered, their value is ensured and one could experience hundreds of happy children in the New Life schools. Everday more than 3000 children could attend NLC’s kindergartens, schools and college. Further to this, between 200 and 300 single and unemployed women obtained annually competence through vocational training that gave them employment opportunity or enabled them to start own business. A number of the children that attended New Life schools have now completed high schools and universities and have become supporters of their old schools. These achievements are realised thanks to the financial support from individual sponsors as well as donations from private and public organisations in Norway. In addition, NGOs in Japan and USA have supported with school feeding schemes. Genet Loulseged’s Memorial Fund will therefore pursue this task by supporting organisations in Ethiopia that work with activities that NLC has stood for.